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Project Description

Whilst many of us probably do not want to hear this, planes often break; parts become defective and components frequently need replacing. When they do, the airline operators are often able to claim the cost of these repairs and services against the aircraft manufacturer and Original Equipment Manufacturers. Aerospace Warranty Management Limited help to process, manage and facilitate this process.

Our requirements when we began the project were to create a web application to assist in creating and processing these claims, including creating an easy-to-use workflow that made it as simple as getting a quote on your car insurance. Over the years we've help grow the system to enable all these requirements and even expanded the application to become a management tool and an analytical engine.

On of our proudest achievements as a company has been to help Aerospace Warranty Management Limited become the first company in the World to interface directly with Airbus to transmit warranty claims to them. We're currently on course to achieve the same feat with Boeing too.


Aerospace Warranty Management Limited






MySQL, PHP, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript

Project lifecycle

Phase 1: Requirements Gathering

Meetings were held with key personnel and users and requirements were collected. Discussions over which methodology to use for the project took place. The decision was made to utilise Agile software development. This was due to the flexible approach to changing specifications and the close cooperation between stakeholders and the development team.

Key Services

Stakeholder Meetings
Requirements Gathering
Project Management
Software Development Methodologies

Phase 2: Design & Prototyping

A prototype was produced to experiment with key features and to get feedback on potential designs and user experience as early as possible. We often like to use prototypes on larger projects due to the feedback loop they provide. We also find they frequently highlight issues and discussion points early in the process rather than at the development stage when they can be a lot more costly to change.

Key services


User Interface Design

User Experience

Database Design

Phase 3: Creating the App

Development took place over several phrases to deliver key particular features. All phases took place with frequent communication between the development team and the client. The design and implementation of certain features often change throughout the development phase as requirements were change or expanded on and the capabilities of the software were fully realised.

Key services

Project Management
Software Development

Phase 4: Lets make sure this thing works!

For a project this size, testing is vitally important. Not only to make sure that the software works as intended once a development phase is completed, but also to ensure performance is as expected, that unexpected actions do not result in unexpected outcomes and, most importantly, that no bugs are introduced as further features are added to the application.

On this project a Continuous Integration system was deployed along with Automated Testing. Both of these systems allowed testing to be done thoroughly and quickly with each code change to ensure the stability and security of the application as development progressed.

Key Services

Continuous Integration
Automated Testing

Aerospace Warranty Management has been working with The Code Company for many years developing a state of the art claim delivery platform for the summation of warranty claims to manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing.During this time we have always been impressed by the productive but relaxed nature of the team at The Code Company and although there have been difficult challenges, there has always been a level headed and pragmatic approach to solving them.
Nicholas Snow, CEO AWM Group
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