Bespoke Software Development


We know most people are not technically minded. We do not compile pages and pages of specifications and user requirements before getting started on your application. Instead we develop the app in close communication with you to build the system in an iterative way based on feedback from real users.

Exquisite User Experiences

A good system is one that users do not have to think about. A good application is rarely praised but a bad application that's hard to use and clunky can be a real point of pain in someone's job. We're experts at trailing different user workflows and user interfaces to find the perfect one which is intuitive and easy to use.

Tested To Death

A key element of creating an application that is easy-to-use and clear of frustrations is ensuring there are no bugs. To achieve a bug-free application is all about development processes. We employ Test Driven Development (TDD) to make sure that any completed features created conform to the user requirements and performance expectations and Continuous Integration systems to make sure these tests are run automatically, in a variety of different environments and scenarios.

Microsoft .NET
Node JS